How to use Nordic base mbed device without mergehex (mbed HRM1017, BLE nano kit)

Usually, when you use nrf51822 based mbed device (mbed HRM1017, BLEnano etc.), the firmware will written as a merged hex file of the softdevice and users program.
With off-line compile environment, you will use mergehex program which is included in nrf51-Tools. But when you can’t use mergehex, you can write the firmware without mergehex as following.
l  Write the softdevice hex by Drag and Drop.
l  Write program hex by Drag and Drop.
Ø  It should accordance with I32HEX. The hex file by Keil5 will be O.K. as is. But, the hex file by arm-gcc (objdump) should be modified. Following string conversion will easy way to conversion.
:020000021000EC -> :020000040001F9 (Usually at 1st line of HEX file.)

:020000022000DC -> :020000040002F8
:020000023000CC -> :020000040003F7
:020000024000BC -> :020000040004F6

Or, you can use script like this.

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